Laboratory of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics        


CrusView is a java based tool for karyotype/genome visualization and comparison of crucifer Species. It also integrates an binary version of KGBassembler and a post-modification step for its assembling result.


CrusView is for people with different level of computational ability. It has an intuitive interface.

Easy to run and to update

Download CrusView from this website and use it directly. It will check for updates automatically.

Highly configurable plot generator

CrusView is useful for generating high quality plots, such as dotplot and exon-to-exon alignment plot.

Comparative genomic study

CrusView provides several different scales for visualizing and comparing genomes in Brassicaceae family, ranging from chromosome to a single gene.

Assembling genome with the help of KGBassembler

CruisView provides function to run KGBassembler and to curate its output afterwards.

Launch CrusView

Currently CrusView supports Linux and Windows.
512  MB ( Only for basic functions )
1200 MB ( Max for some windows machines )
2048 MB ( Recommended )
4096 MB ( For large exon-to-exon alignment plots )
8192 MB ( For large exon-to-exon alignment plots )

User Manual

manual.pdf is provided here.